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Hi, I'm Melinda Katotriatis, better known as Melinda K, and Soak Studio is where I showcase my original paintings.

I am fascinated by the timeless and infinite nature of music and memory and how it defies linear time.  In this moment, we can touch the world Mozart lived in, transport the soul of the Baroque to us, we can hear what our ancestors heard - echoes of past transcending centuries and carried in to the future.  This is a part of what inspires me to paint, giving visual form to those ideas.   

My painting intertwines musical form and musical language into each composition, and I am continually exploring lyrical movement, pattern, rhythm, melody and harmony as colour and form.  Sometimes I love to paint simplified forms of specific melodies and sounds, while other paintings are inspired by the emotions and meaning of songs, music, and words. 

My world was immersed in music at 6 through to Uni, where I completed a Bachelor of Music majoring in flute performance.  From a life long pursuit of music, I draw form a broad palette of musical styles and experience, and an ever-growing library of sound inspiration.  My faith has also been a steady companion and is a major part of my creative process, ' ma raison d'être ' - painting has a meditative, prayerful quality that centers me each day.

I would be honoured to have your support, and I hope my work brings moments of reflection and conversation and beauty.  Art is made for interaction, and without your thoughts and responses the work is silent.

Come say hi!