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Behind the Scenes: My New Office

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If you’re like me, then you love to have a sticky beak at where other people work:)  So I thought I’d share my latest project – building my own office!  I spent the quiet time earlier this year planning out the space I need for my very varied work, and how to build it (thank you Year12 woodwork)  – and of course, picked a week with multiple 40+ degree days to do the cutting & building!!!  Talk about a sweat fest:)  And yes, I cut and finished it myself, with a helping hand from my terrific hubby John and the kids.

The room used to be for storage - full of shelves, music, packaging, printers, craft – but not bench space.  So now, with 5 sheets of ply, I have an office that is almost all bench space!  It's exactly what I need, and I love being in there.

Do you have an office space you love?  What helps you be more productive there?