Soak Studio Update

Exciting changes are happening here at Soak Studio.  It's been several years of illustration, design & wood work, we've built a new house and moved locations.  And with those moves comes a fresh start, and new work.  I've been painting for quite a while, on and off since I was a kid, and in lots of small ways as part of the Soak Studio shop, and now I'm ready to take it on more seriously. 

So the Soak site will now be dedicated to my original paintings, discussing the ideas behind them, the creative process and latest work.  I'm in the process of uploading several of my ongoing series, and am looking forward to growing as an artist.

I will still have my favourite designs available in my Etsy shop, so hop on over there if you need a personalised print or fun serving board. 

Otherwise, I'd be thrilled if you'd look around, and I always love to hear any feedback on my work - your conversations always help to shape my work.

Here are just a few examples of some of my latest paintings:

Behind the Scenes - Board Making

Dad and I love using reclaimed timber to create gorgeous heirloom boards – it’s so amazing to take a piece of wood that looks like it’s life is over, then to strip it back and find amazing grain and character underneath.  It’s always exciting to plan what we might make out of it.

This weekend, I photographed Dad making up a board from some cypress pine (smells amazing!) – want to see?


These pieces were from a large post, so he first cut it into useable thicknesses and lengths for the finished boards.  Next, it’s doweling the boards together so it’s super strong – quite a process when doing it by hand! 

The next step will be to smooth out the surface with planning and multiple sandings until it’s polished and deliciously smooth to touch.  I’m planning on leather handles for these boards, and am still deciding if I’ll paint them or oil them.  We’ve refined enough pieces to make 5 boards, it’s the best thing about reclaimed timbers – each one will only make a few unique pieces, so it’s a constantly evolving design process.

Ps: What do you think of these beautiful planes?    They are from my grandfathers who were carpenters – the wooden ones were handmade by them!  Something that doesn’t happen these day….

Ps: What do you think of these beautiful planes?  They are from my grandfathers who were carpenters – the wooden ones were handmade by them!  Something that doesn’t happen these day….

FREE Valentine's Day Printable Vouchers

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift

Need a last minute Valentine's Day gift?  I've created these sweet vouchers, ready for you to print and fill in with the most romantic ideas you can think of.  There's 10 to a page, simply print front and back on card, cut them out and your ready to get creative. 

Here are 14 ideas to celebrate Feb 14th to get you started:

  1. a foot massage
  2. hair brush session
  3. a back rub
  4. a weekend sleep in, completely child free
  5. breakfast in bed
  6. choose their favourite meal to be cooked
  7. a date night at their favourite restaurant
  8. tickets to their choice of concert or show
  9. one encouragement and pep talk session
  10. a D&M (deep and meaningful) about topics of their choice
  11. a whole evening of controlling the remote
  12. an ice cream date
  13. a candle lit bubble bath
  14. one get-out-of-jail free card

They make a sweet gift for your kids too - my daughter LOVES choosing some of her favourite things!  I'd love, love, love to hear in the comments below, what vouchers will you give to your Valentine?

Click here to download the PDF file, complete with a front and back.

xx Melinda