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Copycat or Unique?

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Copycat or Unique Soak Studio

It often seems so much easier to copy others.  What is it that makes us feel our life would be a little bit better, a little bit easier, if only we were like 'x'?

There's something in us that watches other people, their successes and failures, and we assume that it's the bits we can see that make it so.  We think it's the way they dress, their artistic style, their website, the people they hang out with.

And if they have the kind of life we want, we try to copy that.  We imitate the way they dress, do their hair, the brands they buy, the places they hang out, the way they speak.  Of course, if it's someone we DON'T want to be like, we make sure we DON'T copy those things.

But let me ask you something - if you want to stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons, do you think it will happen because you're the same as them?  Hmm, I'm thinking you're more likely to get labelled a copy cat, or stalker:)

People stand out because they're unique - there's something about them that is different to everyone else.  And they've learned how to embrace that, how to be even more of that.  You can do the same thing - figure out where YOUR uniqueness stems from, and cultivate that.

It's just about impossible to discover your uniqueness while your holding on to your old ways.  Many of us have been so busy with high school, uni, studying, trying to fit in, starting families and new jobs, figuring out how to be a grown up, that we really haven't had time to stop and think about what makes us unique. 

We have to let go of the idea that we need to be the same as everyone else.  What do you love, what lights you up, inspires you?  What are your quirks, things that people comment on about you?

Here are your questions to ponder this week: 

What things have you copied about those you want to be like?  Did it feel authentic?  What is one unique quality or quirk you want to appreciate more in yourself?

Let me know how you go in the comments below! 

xx Melinda