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Keeping it Simple

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Keeping it Simple Soak Studio

Often when we are on the journey to being unique, it feels so complex!  Like spaghetti in your head.  Life is being woven around us, and it's hard to see where anything starts and ends.  We have been writing our story for many years, sometimes allowing others to write it, and it's hard to know which parts of the story are fact and which are fiction.  Where do you start to pull out and build on the true stories of you?  Where do you start to rewrite the ones that are not really you? 

Who am I really, what am I naturally good at, what should I do with my life, what will truly fulfill me, am I enough, who am I copying, why am I copying, why am I scared to say how I feel, what if they don't like me, what if they laugh at me or ignore me, what if I never get the chance to be heard... you know the drill!

To simply be yourself is the challenge and the achievement.

Every single one of us is on the journey.  Some truly living with authenticity, some still running away from themselves, and some looking at their life thinking "How did I get here??".

It begins by replacing one thought at a time. Thoughts are the foundations for your words, your action, your habits & your character.  So you begin by replacing one thought at a time.  One word at a time.  One action at a time.  Find a word or quote that reminds you, inspires you, calls you out.  Put that thought on a sticky note, have a print made to display were you see it all day, tattoo it on your hand.  Ok, maybe just start with pen, just in case you change your mind:)  But make it visible.

Trying to change everything at once is just too much, and very quickly you'll bounce back to the same habits & thoughts, old ways of doing, thinking and feeling.  So treat this as an experiment.  What things are easier to change?  What sticks?

  • GO GENTLY with yourself.  This is not about self control and will power.  It's about releasing and freeing, & giving yourself an opportunity to figure out what makes you unique.
  • Write a simple list:  Old thoughts on one side, and new, better thoughts on the other.
  • Remind yourself to see one positive thing in your job, relationship, life and focus on that regularly. 
  • Find out where your strengths & natural talents lie, but instead of doing ten personality & strength test, do ONE and then leave time to process what you learned. 
  • Allow time to see how you can build on that strength, how it fits into your life, how you might have squashed it previously, how you can see it playing out in your childhood.

If you move ahead one step at a time, it's easy to undo that step if it doesn't feel like you.  Don't be in a rush to get there NOW.  You have your whole life to get there.

Your challenge:

Write down one thought you want to replace.  How can you take small, simple steps to make changes?

 I'd love to hear from  you!  Leave a comment below to share how you keep it simple in your journey.

xx Melinda