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Simple Inspiration

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Simple Inspiration Soak Studio

Where do you find inspiration?  What is it that takes your day from ordinary to breath taking?

How easy it is to live through a day without even realising that you are alive.  Wouldn't it be amazing to look back at your day and be completely satisfied that you got absolutely every drop of 'life' out of it?  Instead of being lost in the worries of yesterday, the busyness of today's 'To Do List' and plans for tomorrow, you actually enjoyed the challenges of the day and felt you were making a difference.

I love the quote above - sounds too simple to be true, doesn't it?  Surely there must be more!  But imagine going through your entire life with this one small thing, to be fully, vividly alive - I guarantee you would achieve so much more, influence so many people, and change the atmosphere every where you went!  People who live like this are attractive and contagious- we leave their presence feeling refreshed, recharged and renewed.

Isn't is strange that we have to work at noticing and appreciating the fact that we are alive?  Feeling 'alive' is connected to how much you use your senses - sight, smell, sound, taste, touch.

Here are some simple ideas to activate your senses through your day:

  • Stop to smell the roses - literally!
  • Have your shower by candlelight
  • Change your ringtone to your favourite grooving song
  • Find a child to tickle and giggle with (preferably one you know!! :)
  • Crunch through all available Autumn leaves
  • Wind your windows all the way down, and feel the breeze on your skin
  • Buy your favourite treat, and focus on enjoying it's taste - no TV, no radio, no books
  • Google a funny joke to tell your family over dinner
  • Tell your children what you're thankful for over breakfast
  • Send a love note via sms
  • Keep a perfumed notebook in your bag ready to jot down cool ideas
  • Hug, smile, walk in the rain, hike in the forest, listen to classical music loudly

Your challenge:

Set an alarm on you phone 2-3 times per day with the above quote. When it goes off, read the quote and ponder if you've been living vividly.  Think about one thing you can do right then and there.  Leave a comment below to share with us how YOU will live more vividly today!

xx Melinda


Photo Credit: Me!