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The Gift of Words

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Ok, it might sound a little strange to give words as a gift.  How do you wrap them up?!  Life is so rushed and so full of negative words  - TV, news, radio, songs, books, phone calls, meetings, magazines and social media - it becomes like white noise!  We all have negative words that are stuck in our heads, so giving encouraging words can really make someone's day, or week, or year!

Here are some simple ways you can give word gifts:

  • Choose a print with an inspirational quote or word.  You'll find lots of my favourites in the shop.
  • Write an old fashioned love letter and snail mail it.  Write about the person - what you love about them, how they inspire you, what you admire about them, what makes them one of a kind.
  • Write a beautiful card.  There are so many awesome printable cards online.  When you join the Soak Club you can download my free eBook 'Cards Paper Scissors' full of beautiful printables ready to print.
  • Record a video or audio that can be replayed and sent across the world.
  • Write a poem.  Rehash a classic like Shakespeare, or try your hand at your own for extra brownie points!

I'd love to hear from you!!  Do you display inspiring words around you?  What's the best word gift you've ever received?