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What Are You REALLY Giving??

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I usually love gift shopping – I just love to pick out the right gift, something I know will totally make them smile.  But let's be honest - how often do we buy a gift without much thought because you're in a rush, or you just don't want to turn up empty handed!

This is where changing your mind set helps.  Instead of seeing it as just one more money sapping chore, choose to see it as a way to give something deeper.  When you give someone a gift that speaks of their style, their needs, their favourite things, you show them that you have been paying attention to their uniqueness.  You are telling them that they matter to you, that they take up space inside your brain and heart, and little conversations you’ve had have stuck with you.  Make your gift full of heart, and full of thought.  Don't miss the moment to celebrate them.

You see, you're not really giving them a vase, or a book, or a record.  You're actually giving them something better - Like JOY.  Like DELIGHT.  Like LOVE.  Like INSPIRATION.  By spending the time to find a perfect gift, you're telling them that they matter, that their unique style, loves and quirks are important to you.

My all time fav gift was a lamp.  I fell in love with it when I visited a friend's house, and I teasingly mentioned that they might find it missing in the future.  Fast forward to Christmas, and guess what they bought me - the lamp!  I was so speechless I just sat there hugging it.  I was touched to the bottom of my heart that they had remembered my comment, and every time I see my lamp, I think of them and their kindness.

Don't just give THINGS.   Be a gift giving superstar, and use gifts as opportunities to show something deeper.

I'd love to hear from you!!  Tell me what your best gift ever has been!  And have you ever had someone give you a gift and you KNEW it was heart-less or thought-less?

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