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What to Give When They Have EVERYTHING

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Oh, these have to be the most tricky people to buy for!  Their house is full of stuff, they've been everywhere, seen everything, but you know you can't show up empty handed to their celebration.  Or Grandparents!  What do you buy grandparents who have collected so many things over the decades?

In this case, it's not about buying the most expensive, impressive gift, and it's not about buying them something they need.  This is where you get to choose something that celebrates THEM instead of just buying a token gift.

And this is where personalised gifts really shine.  These are my FAVOURITE type of gifts to buy, and because I've invested time and thought in choosing and personalising it, I get the biggest buzz when they love it too!

Think about what they love to do, places they've been, what they've accomplished in their life, and what things they're passionate about.  Any one of those things is a great place to start in choosing an awesome, meaningful gift.

  • Let's say they've traveled the world - you could have a print created that lists all the places they've been in the popular subway style.  Or you could have a world map printed with their globe-trotting travels marked on.  Or a beautiful photo of details from their favourite city.
  • Maybe they're totally into movies and they watch every blockbuster in their surround sound home cinema!  Put their name in lights with a Famous Screen Couples print and make them feel like a superstar too.  Who hasn't imagined their names alongside Neo + Trinity, Romeo + Juliet, or Aladdin + Princess Jasmine?  Or if they're a superhero fanatic, pick a Superhero with their name starring alongside Superman, Batman and Wolverine.
  • Perhaps they have a favourite author, or historical figure.  You could pick a famous inspirational quote by the person, and have it made into a custom typography print, something they can put on their desk or wall as a little reminder or their hero.
  • Do they spend time on a hobby?  There are always words, images and saying that are unique to that hobby.  Have a golf themed print designed, or a vintage poster reworked with their name as the star attraction.
  • My favourite gift for grandparents is a family tree print.  Their family is usually the thing they are most proud of, and to see that celebrated and appreciated can bring such joy.

There are endless personalised gifts!  Each one of these ideas will let them know how much you care, and that you took the time to think outside the box.  It will show them that you actually notice what they like, and to most of us, that means the more than anything!

I'd love to hear from you!! What awesome gifts have you given to someone who has everything?  And what would YOU love to receive?  Let me know in the comments below, you may just trigger a new series of designs:)

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