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the Soak Studio shop is temporarily closed while we move house and studio.  We will be back in a couple of weeks, but I will still be answering emails, so don't hesitate to contact me.

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Hi, I'm Melinda Katotriatis, better known as Melinda K, and Soak Studio is where
I showcase my mutli-faceted designs

“There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.” — Martha Graham

My Handmade History

Once upon a time a little girl with long blonde hair and shiny red shoes went to kindergarten.  One day the class made big flowers by sticking scrunched up tissue paper circles all over a card shape.  This little girl was so entranced in making her beautiful flower that she absolutely refused to leave her table, and stayed until every last inch of that flower was finished.  Her teacher asked if she could put the flower on display for everyone to see, but this little artist simply shook her head.  She must take her precious piece home for an even greater purpose - to give to her Mummy.

So began my life as a creator, artist, musician and maker.

Along the way came woodwork, flute, painting, piano, graphic design, percussion, renovating, song writing, interior design, concerts, large scale artworks, photography, pottery, painting, sketching - all these & more contribute to my multi-faceted creative life.

For me, not a day goes by without some kind of creativity - it doesn't matter what kind, the simple act of forming something that's never been made before is soul satisfying.

I create in my studio with cotton rag papers and pencils, vintage books and paints, talk to my Dad about what oil we'll use on our chopping boards, and when I'm in need of some inspiration I play piano, or build sandcastles with my children underneath our giant, ever-changing liquid amber tree.

Handmade Values

There's an explosion of unique, handmade, upcycled, one of a kind, artisan small business, online sites, and shops popping up.

Why?  Because in this generation we are learning to celebrate unique.  We are learning that it's ok to be ourselves, and that in fact, we are most powerful and alive when we are completely authentically US.

In this digital age of instant-ness, we are learning the value of slow, carefully made, traditional methods that leave the mark of artistry on everything from bread to cloth to jewellery. 

We are sentimental about vintage pieces that have a life time of family stories stamped on them.  The story behind each and every piece is what makes it a treasure to discover and own and make new.

We want beautiful things that are unique to us, that completely express our individual aesthetic and style.  We want to know that our purchases are directly supporting an artist or maker, or a small business entrepreneur.  We want to feel that the gifts we give make someone's day, leave no footprint on our precious planet, and most of all, we want to buy things we absolutely love, that are conversation pieces, that are as unique as us.

We don't want to support a nameless, faceless, careless business.  We want to connect with our local crafts people.  We want our purchases to matter, to support values we believe in.  We want our gifts to be meaningful, thoughtful and sustainable.

About Soak Studio

Soak Studio was born from my desire to create beautiful prints, artwork and artisan serving and chopping boards that are perfect for special occasions, with a focus on personalised designs that make unique and meaningful gifts.  Here you'll find:

Personalised Prints

A beautiful way to celebrate special occasions is with a personalised print.  There's nothing quite like receiving a gift that has your names & dates to celebrate the most special and profound moments in your life.


Graphic and Illustration Prints

Digital drawings, typography, hand painted metallics, ink drawings, sketches, watercolor and pencils are some of my favourite things.  It's fun to personalise a nursery, child's room or living space with your own style of artwork.  There are lots of styles and colours to suit your decor, fun prints + sweet sketches, and you can even commission an original just for you!


Artisan Serving + Chopping Boards


Woodworking is something my Dad learned from his Father, and he taught me from childhood.  I was the kid carving bark, and hammering floor boards, and I studied woodworking all through high school.  The smell and uniqueness of every piece is something special.

My personalised and painted chopping boards are unique pieces, and marry traditional hand crafted skills with modern designs for covetable items.  I work with my talented craftsman Dad on many of them, and these beautiful boards are heirloom pieces that you'll treasure always.

I'd love to let you know what's happening here at Soak Studio, and give you a copy of my printable eBook 'Cards Paper Scissors' which is full of pretty cards and wrap just for you.  Sign up below for access!