original paintings by Melinda K

Getting Personal With Gift Giving

Ok, let's confess.  We've all done the last minute bunch of flowers by the roadside kind of gift.  And we've all been to the wedding of someone we didn't really know, and had no idea what to give them.  Maybe you bought them the token platter, or ticked something of a gift registry list.  Not exactly heartfelt and meaningful, right?

Giving awesome gifts is not as hard as you think!  It doesn't matter if it's a birthday, christening, engagement, funeral, bridal shower, new baby, or any other celebration.  This simple way to think about gifts will help you be a gift giving superstar!

A celebration usually marks a very special and memorable moment in time.  Whether it's someone you love dearly, or it's your partners work friend who you've only met once, you can make it even more memorable for them by giving a personalised gift - with their names, or the date and year, their initials, or something related to the theme of the event.  Think of them as heirloom gifts, something that makes them think of that day every time they see their gorgeous print, canvas, or engraved chopping board.  Your gift becomes wrapped up in their story, in their memory of that day, and will become a treasured item they love. Your gift will be the one that stands out and makes them feel completely spoilt.

Everything at Soak Studio is designed with this in mind.  And if you can't find the exact design you want, you can contact me directly, and I can create the perfect one for you.

Here are my favourite resources to get you started with some fun gift giving ideas, as well as delicious freebie printables to make the outside of your gifts gorgeous as well!